Currently I am a postdoctoral research associate at the smARTLab research lab of the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool.

My main research focus is on the theoretical analysis of (learning in) multi-agent interactions using evolutionary game theory, and on the application of such analysis to complex real-world domains such as stock market trading and multi-robot systems.

Additionally I am involved in the MITRO project (Mersey Intelligent Telepresence Robot). The aim of this project is to build a semi-autonomous telepresence robot that allows the user to be present in remote locations while preserving mobility.

Moreover, in 2012/14 I was a board member of the PhD Academy Maastricht, which organizes social, educative and fun activities for all PhD students of Maastricht University. In 2013/14 I was chair of the board; before that I was heading the committee that is responsible for the social activities.

For a full overview of my current and past activities, have a look at my CV.

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