I am a researcher in artificial intelligence working for the City of Amsterdam, applying my skills to develop AI solutions that help improve the lives of our citizens. My current work investigates on the use of 3D point cloud data to localise street level assets such as street lights, trees, and traffic signs in order to generate up-to-date topographical maps.

By training I am an academic researcher, and in the past I have focussed on multi-agent learning, especially reinforcement learning. In my research I have investigated how multiple learning agents interact and influence each other, what kind of global system dynamics arise, and how desired behaviour can be obtained by modifying the learning algorithms used. The settings I looked at range from one-on-one interactions (e.g. games) to small groups (e.g. multi-agent coordination) and large communities (e.g. interactions in social networks).

Previously I have worked as a Researcher at the Intelligent and Autonomous Systems group at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI, the national research institute for mathematics and computer science) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, UK. I did my PhD research at Maastricht University, where I graduated in May 2015.

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